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video choledoscope. single use. video choledoscope. Total diameter (mm): 5 mm. Operating channel diameter (mm): 2 mm. Working length: 380 mm. Single Use Flexible Choledochoscope HIGH IMAGE QUALITY INNOVEX Single-Use Flexible Bronchoscope provides every patient a clean scope with high quality view – every time.

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 · Background Hypertension often occurs after tracheal intubation using a Macintosh laryngoscope and may lead to rare but serious complications. The Macintosh laryngoscope may increase the incidence of hypertension because it requires forced alignment of the oral and pharyngeal axes in order to view the glottis. In contrast, the McGRATH MAC …

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Portable Fiber Intubation Scopes FI‑RBS Series. Superfine images, consistent high-quality. Engineered for advanced maneuverability. Convenient, portable light source options. More. Prev 1 …

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RBS Series Portable Fiber Intubation Scopes. The PENTAX Medical portable fiber intubation endoscopes are cordless and ultra-compact, for quick and reliable intubation techniques and complete airway management. This system concept is ideal for use in emergencies or the outpatient department, satisfying the requirements of anaestheologists in a

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Superfine images, consistent high-quality. PENTAX Medical's proprietary Superfine fiber technology increases the number of optical fibers in the endoscope for better image resolution and color discrimination. It delivers bright, clear and high-resolution images supporting enhanced observation and precision during intubation.

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facilitate both ventilation and intubation either blindly or guided by a flexible optical scope. Each is available in a range of sizes. 5 Optical-⁄video-stylets, rigid or semi-flexible, e.g. Shikani, Levitan (both Clarus Medical, Minneapolis MA, USA), Bonfils-Karl Storz (Storz), Video-RIFL [12] (AI Medical Devices, Williamston MI, USA

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Portability: This easy-to transport endoscope is entirely cable and peripheral free, as the monitor, LED light source, battery, and recording device are all contained within in a single unit. Direction of View: Forward viewing.

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Improved diagnoses with HD High-Definition image quality supported by an image enhancement algorithm for a high-contrast observation of mucosal patterns and vascularization. Consistent performance, minimized running costs VERSA is based on CMOS HD sensor technology and uses a built-in LED light source to ensure a long lifetime and consistent

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Systems, methods, and devices for facilitating insertion of an endotracheal tube and/or for verifying the position of the endotracheal tube within an airway of a patient with respect to an anatomical landmark of a patient are disclosed. Systems, methods, and devices for facilitating removal of debris from the distal airways of a patient under direct visualization are also disclosed.

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Products. Gastroenterology. Artificial Intelligence (new) DISCOVERY™ (new) Gastroscopes. HD+ Video Gastroscope EG34-i10; Transnasal EG16-K10 Video Gastroscope

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Matching the ENDOFLEX IS-4422 video intubation scope with our VP-1000 videoprocessor will give the user access to the powerful state-of-the-art LED lighting system and the Active Filter mode, a range of three physical optical filters that allow the view of three different depth levels in addition to the normal vision.

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 · Additionally, there are several game scenarios where you can practice wielding the fiber optic camera scope, including a soccer goal game. Points are scored for performing as smooth an intubation as possible, while points are deducted for injuring the patient (jabbing their vocal cords, etc), delaying the case, and so on.

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EB19-J10U Ultrasound Video Bronchoscope; Intubation Scopes. Portable Fiber Intubation Scopes. RBS Series Portable Fiber Intubation Scopes; ENT & Speech. consistent high-quality. including use with a wide range of accessories for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The lightweight control body is ergonomically designed for physician

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Portable Fiber Intubation Scopes. RBS Series Portable Fiber Intubation Scopes. Superfine images, consistent high-quality. Designed for advanced maneuverability. Convenient, portable light source options.

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St.Luke Med Devices Private Limited - Offering Pentax Fiber Naso Pharyngo Laryngoscope, फाइबर ऑप्टिक लैरिंगोस्कोप

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The High-Definition DEFINA EPK-3000 video processor provides a flexible platform that allows you to select the level of technology that meets your clinical and financial needs. The DEFINA HD solution offers the same high-quality HD imaging to all specialties, whether gastrointestinal, EUS, respiratory or ENT.

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Angiolaz, Inc. | Address: Industrial Park - Vermont Med. Bldg., Bellows Falls, Vermont 05101-0556, USA Send Inquiry | Phone: +1-(802)-463-9976, 800-340-9083 Annual Revenues: USD 1-5 Million Employee Count: ~20 Products: Fiberoptic Intubation Scope, AC-Powered Endoscope and Accessories (FDA Code: GCP), Endoscopic Television Camera (FDA Code: FWG), …

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Even without the video (stroboscopy) interface, the flexible or rigid scopes and light source can cost as much as US$5000.00 If a camera, video monitor, video recorder, and color printer are added for more comprehensive evaluation options, the price tag can easily exceed US$10 000.00 The low-end videostroboscopy systems may cost more than US$25